TechnoElf is a creative studio founded in 2019. Our mission is to tell stories and be creative in a variety of ways. We want to share with you what we are interested in, and we hope to establish more connections between different cultures. After all, we can speak the same language. The language of creativity.



Shadow in the attic

kinetic, Si-Fi, cats

Тень на чердаке

New Year's Eve is not only a fairy tale and colored lights on the tree. It is also a long cold night full of nightmares, which three cats need to survive in an empty country house, in the attic of which creepy monsters have settled.
Download: Anivisual Jam #2

I will never fall in love with a cousin

mysticism, horror

Я никогда не влюблюсь в свою двоюродную сестру

Difficult life for an ordinary high school student. The chemistry exam is tomorrow. Friends demand the return of the monetary debt. And also his cousin, with whom, for the last time, he saw in distant childhood, she came to visit. That's where the horror is!
Download: Anivisual Jam #1

Genie in the spaceship

kinetic, Si-Fi

Джинн в корабле

Fully voiced (Russian voice acting, English subtitles) kinetic short story based on the story by Kir Bulychev. Another adventure of Alice Selezneva, which went a little wrong.
Download: anivisual.net

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